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    Moka is a virtual space where you can find the objects that will help you say what you want, to whom you want. We create designs, gifts, baskets and all kinds of artistic products because we enjoy the emotions that small details provoke.

    The experience of shopping at Moka starts from the moment you send us a message. Our passion is to translate what you want to transmit in a unique gift, with the best service and quality, so that you only worry about enjoying it.



    Haven’t you fallen in love with a gift? Contact us, we will propose you the best personalized gift..

                    About Us

    We are in favor of doing everything with love, that’s why we believe that each of our creations are like an affection where with our details we generate a deep emotion.

    We make sure that every detail has the essence and the message you want to give to that special person.


    Sarai Campos



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